Breasy is an innovative pacifier-enhanced inhalation mask that is specifically designed to be used by infants and children for aerosol. Drug delivery procedures. Breasy’s purpose is to turn the inhalation process simple, effective and easy for both children and their parents

Receiving inhalation or ventilation therapy with the need of strapping a mask to a toddler, or a child’s face can be frightening, whether at the hospital, or at home. Breasy is a child-friendly mask incorporating a pacifier to deliver inhalation and ventilation. Using the child’s own pacifier helps to calm the child’s fears and create a more positive treatment experience.

  •  Increases treatment efficiency
  •  Reduces stress and anxiety for both child and parent
  •  Comfortable, strapless, easy to use
  •  Cost effective disposable
  •  For all environments (Hospital, Clinics, Home)
  •  Used with all standard inhalation and ventilation devices:
  •  Inhalation
  •  Ventolin intake
  •  Oxygen delivery
  •  Sedation Procedures
  •  Prepare for operations


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