Following is an estimated number of procedures requiring masks for children:

  •  Approximately 10 million anesthesia procedures in the hospital
  •  Approximately 6 million emergency procedures requiring a mask nair for men review

  •  Approximately 15 million procedures in clinics and at home

An observation trial was designed in order to evaluate the acceptance of the Breasy mask by the target users, when compared to

standard inhalation mask that presents the “regular” treatment in today’s market. nair for men review

60 kids ages 1-4 where exposed to Breasy mask with the pacifier application and to a standard inhalation mask. Kids were asked

to choose their preferable mask between the two suggested masks, for their potential inhalation treatment. A

significant preference for the Breasy mask was observed as summarized in the following graphs:

Acceptance of the Breasy mask with the pacifier application was compared to the standard mask by using a pre-defined rating

scale as follows:



1- Easily accepted

2- Accepted with some resistance

3- Kid Expressed anxiety

4- Kid refused to accept







Results and conclusions

The observation study strongly support the preference of kids to the Breasy mask on top of

the standard mask that is in use today. The acceptance rate for the Breasy

mask, absolutely and when compared to the standard masks in market, reflects the high

compliance of the device that would potentially result in reducing child’s anxiety related to

inhalation treatment, and will minimize omitting treatments as a result of child’s rejection of

mask and treatment.