Receiving inhalation or ventilation therapy with the need for strapping a mask to a child’s face can be frightening, whether at the hospital or at home. The process and the current standard mask types create fear and anxiety-reducing treatment acceptance and efficiency:

– In the operating room, clinicians use the “gorilla technique” to place the anesthetic mask; several adults hold the child to place the mask

– In the emergency room, the child and parents are anxious

– In the home, the child often resists placement of the mask

Breasy is a child-friendly mask incorporating a pacifier to deliver inhalation and ventilation. Using the child’s own pacifier helps to calm the child’s fears and create a more positive treatment experience. We do this by:

  •  Increases treatment efficiency
  •  Reduces stress and anxiety for both child and parent
  •  Comfortable, strapless, easy to use
  •  Cost-effective disposable
  •  For all environments (Hospital, Clinics, Home)
  •  Used with all standard inhalation and ventilation devices:
  •  Inhalation
  •  Ventolin intake
  •  Oxygen delivery
  •  Sedation Procedures

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